Adult Timetable

**To join a class, click on "Book Now". This will take you to our online booking system and allows you to book online. If you are experiencing any issues with the booking system, please let us know ASAP. Alternatively, contact 02 6262 0215 to book over the phone.

Our class levels are catagorised by colour, Complete Beginner (Purple), Advanced Beginner (Blue), Intermediate (Green & Yellow), Advanced (Orange & Red).

  • Time Class Level Teacher Book
    Sun 24 Nov
    11a - 1.30p
    Circus Acro Workshop Mixed Guest Book Now
    Sun 6p - 7.30p Aerial Foundations Beginner, Adv Beginner Jacqui Book Now
    Sun 6p - 7.30p Mixed Aerials Blue/Int/Adv Ali Book Now
    Mon 12.30p - 1.30p Intro to Aerials Beginner Nicole Book Now
    Mon 5.30p - 7p Open Practice Mixed Levels Supervised Only Book Now
    Mon 6p - 7.15p Yoga Beginner Clare Book Now
    Mon 7.00p - 8.30 Lyra Mixed Levels Ellen Book Now
    Tues 6p - 7.30p Aerial Silks Beginner, Int, Adv Cher Book Now
    Tues 7.30p - 9p Static Trapeze Beginner, Int, Adv Cher Book Now
    Wed 5.30p - 7p Mixed Aerials Blue/Int/Adv Jade Book Now
    Wed 6p - 7.15p Yoga Mixed Ali Book Now
    Wed 7p - 8.30p Aerial Foundations Beginner Jade Book Now
    Thur 5.30p - 7p Aerial Silks Int/Adv Cher Book Now
    Thur 7p - 8.30p Mixed Aerials Blue/Int/Adv Ali Book Now
    Fri 5p - 6.30p Open Practice Mixed Supervised Only Book Now
    Sat 11.30a - 1p Aerial Silks Beginner Ellen Book Now