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Our Studio
Our space is a dedicated aerial acrobatics studio in the north of Canberra. We like to think of ourselves as an adult playground. We opened in Nov 2015 with one class and a handful of students with the intention of growing & developing in time. In 2016, we grew to multiple adult classes in aerial acrobatics; aerial silks, lyra & static trapeze, ranging from complete beginners to the more advanced. Now we have expanded our classes to toddlers, kids, teens & adult! See our timetable for our current class schedule.

Our aim is to teach you tools and give you the opportunity to discover what your body can do on & off the ground in a safe & supportive environment. You can progress at your own pace, taking classes as frequently or infrequently as you'd like. Whether you're looking for an alternative to gym workouts, you're athlete in other disciplines and want to try something new, or you just love aerial acrobatics and want to learn more, you will enjoy our zany studio where you are guaranteed to have fun while gaining strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness & self confidence.

We host Showcases where new to advanced students can show their friends & family what they've learned and offer an outlet for creative expression. We are home to Solco Acro, Canberra's own women's aerial, acrobatics & dance troupe. We are consistent with Australian industry standards for rigging, and our aerial instructors have trained with Circus Training Australia, learning safety & spotting techniques.

Learn, Play, Explore

Our Philosophy
"Play" tends to be a term used synonymously with children. In our modern life as adults, we spend much of our time sedentary. Sure we can go for a run or to the gym, but most of our day is sitting down & looking at a screen. Luckily there is no rule book stating we can no longer play as adults, so we wanted to create an adult playground - a safe & nurturing environment for adults to get their play on and gain friendships while staying fit. The majority of our students are adults with day jobs, who have been siting all day, and cannot contain their gleaming smiles once they are on an apparatus. Play involves exploration, investigating what you can do on an apparatus, discovering your own abilities, the workout becomes secondary & fitness an after-effect. You'll find our warm ups tend to follow this playful narrative, and can be quite unconventional using functional movement & dynamic stretching. Our objective is to bring playful activities into our adult lifestyles, so you'll often hear us say we do something "because it's fun". Science is finding that play improves brain function & boosts energy which in turn keeps you feeling young & energetic, to name a few benefits. Come and get your play on!

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
- George Bernard Shaw

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Our Instructors


Cher Albrecht

Founder & Head Instructor

Having a playful spirit, Cher always dreamed of creating an adult playground. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA, where she got her first trapeze almost 20 years ago and fell in love. She performed professionally as a singer, dancer, acrobat & stunt woman, yadda yadda, for 15 years. She found herself in Canberra & has decided to put all her awesomeness now into creating Aerial Sports, with the help of her dreamy partner.



Jade Redfern-Podger

Aerial Foundations & Silks Instructor

Jade is also full of awesomeness. Her love for aerials, blah blah blah, everything aerials... nothing can stop her. PS. She has a PhD in Science & is really really smart. When she's not in the lab she can be found in the air, working out new combinations & tricks.


Gabby Coffee

Strength & Flexibility, Handstands & Tumbling

Gabby grew up as a competitive gymnast before being accepted at NICA where she did some did cool stuff (Lyra, Tumbling, Handstands & Hoop Diving)! Now she's doing cool stuff in Canberra... because she can! Oh, and she's studying Physiotherapy.


Ali Kimbrough

Aerial Foundations, Mixed Aerials & Yoga

Ali is originally from the US and has made Can"burr"a her home. When she's not teaching yoga or aerials, she's doing really smart stuff as a recent ANU PhD grad in climate change. When she's not looking at stalagmites she is sharing her love of flying in aerial acrobatics.


Ellen Perry

Kids, Teens, & Lyra

Ellen was lucky enough to actually grow up with the circus. She trained for many years at Aerialize in Sydney, before she ran away & joined NICA, where she focused on the apparatus known as "the cloud". Ellen is an all around aerialist, who is currently studying crazy stuff like International Security & Advanced Computing at the ANU.


Lauren Sarre

Kids, Teens, & Silks

Lauren started out as a rock climber, but quickly switched her passion to aerial silks when it was offered at the climbing gym where she worked. She is strong, physically & mentally! When she's not teaching aerials, she's focusing her attention on quantum optics, sorting out all the stuff no one else can. ;)


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